Campaign Guidelines

Creating your first campaign is easy! Here are some simple guidelines on what you should include.


The basics

Before you start creating your first campaign, here's a few things you will need:

  • A photo that shows off your brand and your products.
  • A short name that tells advocates about the product(s) and the promotion.
  • A brief description that tells the advocates more about the campaign and your brand.
  • The link that your campaign points to (if your campaign is for a specific product, your link should point to that. Otherwise, put a link to your homepage).
  • The End Date, which will determine the duration your campaign is active on Kindred.


Customize split

Incentivise your advocates by offering an optional exclusive discount to their followers and commission based on the amount they sell.

  • The Discount for followers (%) is the amount that the advocate's followers will save using your provided discount code.
  • The Advocate commission (%) is the cut that the advocate will receive of each sale made via their referral link.
  • The Promo code needs to be set up on the back end of your website, and must remain active for the duration of your campaign.


Do I have to make a special offer for Kindred campaigns?

We strongly recommend to brands that they make exclusive offers, products or campaigns available on the kindred platform as we have seen the best results from these.

The engagement with brands from advocates and their followers is far higher when there's additional value for the followers in addition to the charitable donations.


Can I set budgets for individual campaigns?

Currently it's not possible to specify a campaign budget. However, this functionality will be available in the coming weeks and we'll be sure to notify you as soon as possible.


What happens when my campaign finishes?

When your campaigns finish, all referral links will expire and followers will not be redirected to your website. Advocates promoting your brand will receive a message letting them know that the campaign is finished and encouraging them to participate in and promote more of your current initiatives in the platform.

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