How do I install Kindred on my website?

Once you successfully create an account, you have to install the Kindred application in your e-store. The installation is divided in two separate steps described below.


Install the SDK

In order to install SDK, you need to make sure you follow the steps below: 

Note if you are using one of the following platforms, click through to the specific guides below:





Tag Management (Google Tag Manager)



The snippet you saved from the onboarding journey will be needed now, please have it to hand before proceeding.

Now you need to put a JavaScript snippet on every page of your e-store

In most cases, there will be generic HEAD section that appears on every page. The snippet can be added here and it will automatically show on every page on the website.

If this is not the case, the snippet must be added to the HEAD Tags of every page


Install conversion notifier

In order for Kindred platform to know exactly when the conversion happens, you need to set up one last thing, the conversion notifier. The snippet can be found below:


kindred('trackConversion', '[order_id]', [order_amount], '[currency]')


ATTENTION: Make sure you replace the bold parameters with variables representing correct values, as described below.


Parameter: order_id

Required: Yes

Description: Identifier of the order in your e-store. This is the number or text that you are using when communicating with your client to determine which order is being discussed.

Example values:

  • ‘23485’
  • ‘AZ/232/P1’
  • ‘ord1829’


Parameter: order_amount

Required: Yes

Description: The amount of the order (subtotal) provided in fractional monetary unit respectively for supported currencies:

  • Cents for USD
  • Pennies for GBP
  • Cents for EUR

Example values:

  • 3000 (for $30)
  • 7263 (for $72,63)
  • 1200 (for £12)


Parameter: currency

Required: Yes

Description: The currency that the order_amount is provided in. Currently there are three supported currencies:

  • USD
  • GBP
  • EUR

Example values:

  • 'USD'
  • 'GBP'
  • 'EUR'


You can do that by simply following the steps below:

  1. Put the snippet on the page that is being displayed after the order was placed and have access to the data listed above and marked as required
  2. There are three requirements regarding this script:
    1. It needs to be placed on the page after the order was registered
    2. It needs to have the fields filled with correct values (as described above)
    3. It needs to be placed on the website with SDK already installed
    4. It needs to be placed without ‘defer’ or ‘async’ tags

Once these steps are done, please complete a test order on your website and save the URL of your Thank you/Order confirmation/Order successful page (the url will something like: ) to in order for us to check successful implementation of your code.

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