How do I invite my best customers to be advocates?


Send out your unique Kindred URL and you’ll earn commission from everything your users buy through Kindred from ANY retailer on the app. Every brand loves extra revenue!


To generate your unique link:

1. Navigate to > Settings > Private Members

2. Click 'Create Invite Link'

3. Give your invite link a name (this is for your internal reference and will not be shared).

4. If you want your invitees to be excluded from campaigns in up to 3 subcategories, then select from the list.

5. Once you are happy with your selection, click 'Create Invite Link'.

6. Click on the purple copy button to copy your link:

7. Send out your unique Kindred URL to your existing customer base via your newsletters and social media.
Here's some text you could use:

We’ve teamed up with the good guys at Kindred to offer our best customers a really special opportunity.

Kindred enables you to share what you love with your friends and family, making genuine recommendations on your social channels, whilst promoting significant savings with us and selected brands. As people start purchasing via your recommendations, a percentage of these sales goes to you and directly to a charity that they choose. Imagine, you get paid if people shop through your link and give back to charity all in one hit!

It’s super simple to get involved.

Download the Kindred app at [insert your referral link here] and grab your unique URL on your profile page! Share it and you’ll receive 1% of everything that any of your friends and followers buy on Kindred!


We are excited to announce that we have partnered up with Kindred to provide our best customers and friends with unique offers.

Not only will you get a special offers, but you also could earn commission advocating your favourite brand to your friends, family and followers.

Plus you can decide if you wish to donate a proportion of your commission to the charity of your choice.

It's super simple – please click this link [insert your referral link here] and join our community of thoughtful consumers.

Thank you for taking part and being an amazing supporter of our company.

You will now earn 1% commission for every sale generated by users who sign up using your invite link!

How can I create 'Private' campaigns?

If you’d prefer to keep selected campaigns private, create a link and share it with your influencers and customers so that only they can see your campaigns.

When creating a campaign, you must select 'This is a private campaign' to ensure that only your private advocates will be able to see it:

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