How do I set up Kindred on my Magento store?

If you're using Magento, connecting your store to Kindred is easy!

First off, if you don't already have any tag management software integrated with your website, you will need to install one. Our recommendation is Google Tag Manager (GTM), which is free to use. You can add the open source plugin to your store by navigating to this page in the Magento Marketplace.

Once that's done, you'll be able to follow the steps below:

Step 1: Add the first tag

1. Go into your appropriate GTM container.

2. Add a new tag.

3. Go to Tag Configuration.

4. Custom HTML.

5. Paste the Kindred Pixel from your Kindred Account Settings, under Installation Code.

6. Scroll down to Triggering.

7. Select All Pages.

8. Then Add


Step 2: You will need to set up a trigger for your order confirmation page for the tracking pixel.

1. Go to Triggers.

2. Select New.

3. Give your trigger a name such as “Order Confirmation - Page View Kindred Trigger”.

4. Go to Trigger Configuration.

5. Select Page View.

6. Make this trigger fire on Some Page Views.

7. Select options: “Page URL”, “contains” and then type the specific word that will be in your confirmation page URL. This might be “confirmation”, “order-success”, “thank-you" or something along those lines.

Step 3: Now you can set up your second tag.

1. Add a New Tag

2. Go to Tag Configuration.

3. Select Custom HTML

4. Paste the tracking pixel

5. Replace the variables , , with the appropriate ones from your Data Layer.

  • The order_id is the unique code by which the order is recognised.
  • The order_amount needs to be an integer, so will be in pence for GBP or cents for USD. (i.e for an order of £65.50 the order_amount should be 6550)
  • Also note the order amount needs to be the subtotal of the order, not the transaction total which includes tax and shipping
  • The currency should be a 3 letter string ‘GBP’ and not ‘£’

6. In the Trigger Configuration select "Order Confirmation - Page View Kindred Trigger".

7. Open Advanced Settings.

8. Extend Tag Sequencing.

9. Tick "Fire a tag before Order Confirmation - Page View Kindred Trigger fires" (or whichever name you chose for your tracking pixel)

10. Click the dropdown and select the first tag you added.

11. Click Save.

12. Then you can click Add and you're all set!

13. All you need to do now is publish.

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