How do I set up Kindred on my WordPress/WooCommerce store?

If you're using WordPress, connecting your store to Kindred is easy!

1. Log in to your Wordpress website admin page.

2. Navigate to Plugins.

3. Click Add New.

4. Search "Kindred Installer".

5. Install and Activate it.

6. Log in to your Kindred account.

7. On the Kindred website navigate to Settings.

8. Click on the Installation Code tab.

9. Copy your unique code from the first script. (this will have the format of XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX. Make sure you don't copy the quotes as well)

10. Go back to Wordpress on your browser.

11. Under Settings, select Kindred Installer

12. Paste the code into the textfield as below.

13. Save Changes.

All done!

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