• Signing up
  • How it works
  • Selecting your charity
  • Your favourite stores
  • Redeeming your cash back
  • Refer friends to Kindred

Kindred is a free browser extension that unlocks the internet's best deals and allows you to donate to your favourite charity at the same time. Two clicks and Kindred helps you to earn cash back from over 40,000 participating merchants. Kindred makes it even better to shop online, guilt-free! We're always adding new stores and features so stay tuned.

Signing up

Getting the best deals is easy with Kindred. Just look for the "SignUp" button on the top right-hand corner of our site.

Then choose how you want to sign up. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 or 

1. Email




Now, you’re ready to save. We're ready to find you tons of savings!

Install the extension here 

Click directly for your favourite browser Chrome, Firefox, Safariand Edge

How it works

Here comes the best part! - the savings! Once you’ve installed Kindred, you’ll see the Kindred “K” when you shop on thousands of your favorite sites.

We’re on the top right corner of your favourite browser. If the K is Purple, we're letting you know that Kindred is supported on that shopping site. Available discounts will be displayed for you. We've done all the work for you already.

TIP: Using Chrome and don't see Kindred on your toolbar?

It may be in the Chrome Extensions icon (puzzle piece icon) in the upper right corner of your toolbar. Check out this guide to pin Kindred to your toolbar for Chrome. 

The best part is, this small window will pop up automatically... All you do is click Activate Deal and we’ll compare every coupon and apply the biggest savings to your cart.

Goodbye to any buyer's remorse! We've already found the best price for you. We're big fans of savings and we make sure that we have the latest information about deals, prices, and items to help everyone save time and money. 

Selecting your charity

The hardest part now is just deciding which Charity you want to support. Just kidding, its not hard at all. We have partnered with all the Top Charities you can think of and a quick search will get them linked to your profile, for your donations to go directly to. You even select the amount you want to donate. It really is THAT easy. 

Click on the K to open this window from your browser. 

Then select Profile and it will open up a new tab with your Kindred Profile information. You are nearly done.

Enter the name of the Charity you wish to have saved on your Kindred account as well as the amount for your Cashback to give to the charity.  You can give any amount from 1% to 100% of the cash back and it is all in your control. This can be changed at any time you want to by redoing these steps. 

Your favourite stores

The best thing about the Kindred extension is that you don’t have to change how you shop. Just continue like you normally do on your favourite store's websites and we will let you know what amazing deals await you.

Kindred works on 40,000+ top stores from shoes to pants to toys for the family dog. We find deals on your favourites like StubHub, Ulta, ASOS, HP, Bellabox, MISSGUIDED, Pretty Little Things, and Asics.

Whether you are buying dinner or a new wardrobe, why miss the deal?

Our list of stores is always growing so what you don't see today could likely be there tomorrow-ish.

Redeeming your cash back

Kindred Cash Back is your very own rewards program. Kindred also pays cash back rewards at over 15,000 stores. Every time you shop through Kindred, eligible purchases will earn cash back that is deposited into your Kindred wallet. All you have to do is create an account to claim and withdraw straight to your PayPal account! 

Refer friends to Kindred

Loving the Kindred browser extension and want to share kindred with friends and family? Just send your Kindred referral link to invite them to try Kindred in one click.


Kindred will pay you a bonus of up to 1% of every sale made by friends, family and followers you invite to Kindred.