Are you having issues logging into Kindred? There are 3 main reasons why you may be getting stuck:

1. Too many failed attempts 

If your login is not working you need to reset the password. Click the "Forgotten Password?" link and we will email you instructions on how to get a new password. After you have completed these steps you will log in and continue as before. It's easy, we promise! 

2. Your VPN settings

Getting a Proxy message? We understand everyone uses VPNs and proxies for work or privacy reasons. Unfortunately, our system can't distinguish a person's intention when using a proxy service. For the best results, we recommend ensuring your device's network settings are set to Automatic. In order to use Kindred, you must disable your proxy or VPN beforehand. 

3. Browser cookies need clearing

Often the easiest fox is turning something Off and On. The same applies to your Browser. If it is not functioning the way it should, close all the browser tabs (save anything you need to keep) and then start with a fresh browser. 

A little reboot never hurt and we recommend you try that as well (After you have saved what you don't want to lose). 

Our team is here to help if you get stuck. Just head over to Contact Us and let us know whats the dillema.