The Kindred browser extension and mobile app. What’s the difference?

We get asked that question often. They’re both part of the Kindred experience. Both save you time and money. They just do it a little differently.

For starters, the Kindred extension works on your computer’s web browser - Google Chrome. Whenever you’re shopping on one of the 40,000+ sites that Kindred works on, we’ll pop up on the site to find and apply coupons. Amazing, right?

Now, on to the app. Imagine taking millions of products from your favourite sites, throwing in 1,000s of coupons codes, and bringing them all together in one easy-to-shop destination. It's like having the entire mall in one app. That’s the basis of the app. Also amazing, right?

Think of it this way. The extension goes with you to different stores whenever you’re on your computer. The app brings different stores to you in a single app whenever you’re on your phone. It even gives you the convenience of a single cart (even if your items are from different stores). 

So, the extension goes with you. The app brings everything to you.

How does the extension and app work together?

The app and extension were meant to be different. One is geared for the best shopping experience on your phone while the other is meant for the best experience on your computer.

We’re always working on both to save you even more time and money. But between the app and extension, you’ll be covered whenever and however you shop.